Tzveta Kassabova

Choreography/ Dancer:
Tzveta I  (Film) (2011)
Tzveta II  (Film) (2011)
Collision Course – a.k.a. PIllow Talk

Tzveta Kassabova believes that dance is a visual art form.  She is fascinated by the concept of space and is constantly trying to address it in both her choreography and design. Tzveta was born in Bulgaria where she has been a gymnast, physicist, and meteorologist. As a dancer, Tzveta has been part of Ed Tyler, Sara Pearson/Patrik Widrig, Shua group and David Dorfman Dance companies and has performed in works of many wonderful choreographers. Her own work has been presented both in Europe and the US. She received a Metro DC Dance Award (2008), the Prince George’s Arts Council Grant (2009) and the Maryland State Arts Council Award 2010 and 2011. She holds three Master’s degrees. Tzveta has taught at the George Washington University and continues to teach at the university level full time. Tzveta loves creating costumes, video projections, set designs and installations. Tzveta is the dancer for Dance Portraits on Screen films TZVETA I and TZVETA II.