Regina Miranda

Stone Garden:
Curator, Open Stage ’92, Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro

Regina Miranda, born in Rio de Janeiro, she currently lives between Rio de Janeiro and New York City.  “The last look, the last gesture, the last date, above all, the last hope, the dance, the artistic gesture, itself, capable of transforming what could be death in life.”  Regina has been working as choreographer and director of the Actors/Dancers Company of Rio de Janeiro distinguished by her refined gestural vocabulary and for her use of nonorthodoxal spaces for dance as the Museum of Modern Art itself, what has completely occupied in 1991 in her work The Divine Comedy, her dance company – Actors/Dancers of Rio de Janeiro – performed in Antiquity stores, Ballrooms, Plazas and Art Galleries as much as in the best theatres in Brazil.  Regina moved to New York City where she became the executive director of LIMS. She is an international artist and administrator of distinction.