Øystein Sevåg


Øystein Sevåg is a Norwegian composer and musician. His music is the result of an unusually broad background. His work in the areas of classical music, jazz, rock, ethnic music and the electronic avant garde has led to a synthesis that is uniquely his own. His records are sold in more than 100 countries.

Øystein was born near Oslo, Norway in 1957, beginning piano lessons at age five. As a teen he played bass in a rock band but returned to his classical roots in time to study piano, flute and composition at Barratt Dues Music Conservatory in Oslo; by the 1980s, however, Sevåg had become fascinated by the possibilities offered by the development of the synthesizer, and he plunged into electronic music with his self-released 1989 debut LP Close Your Eyes and See. The product of five years in the studio, the album slowly crept into Billboard’s New Age charts in the USA, and it landed Sevåg on the Windham Hill label to issue the follow-up, 1993’s Link. He returned two years later with Global House, a record reflecting a newfound interest in acoustic sounds and worldbeat textures, including didgeridoo and string quartet; the ambient album Visual, a collaboration with guitarist Lakki Patey, followed in 1996. Signing to the Hearts of Space label, Sevåg resurfaced in 1997 with the acclaimed Bridge, now including the Philharmonia Orchestra (London), winning the Indie Award in USA for the best new age recording of the year.

From 1999 to 2005 he lived in Freiburg, South Germany, where he among other things has been working with music therapy together with Maria Eisenburger and the psychologist Katharina Martin. In April 2005 Sevåg’s new album Caravan was released, 8 years after his previous album Bridge. The same year one of his new compositions in the classical area – a string trio – had its first performance on Casa dei Mezzo Music Festival on Crete, Greece, and in April 2006 in Madrid.  In the spring 2006 Øystein Sevåg moved to Oslo. During the following years he collaborated with several singer / songwriters, among others Benedicte Torget, Elin Synnøve Braathen (Eliksir) and Anette Askvik which led to many new albums. His next own album was “Based on a True Story”, solo piano improvisations, released in 2007.  In 2010 came his next band album; The Red Album, which received many great reviews in Norway. His last album so far is “Space for a crowded world”, mostly electronica, whith contributions from Barbara Buchholz (german theremin player) and Benedicte Torget (vocals). In 2013 a concert for bassoon and orchestra is finished. The next project is a collaboration with Torget, an album with music to the swedish poet Karin Boye’s poetry, for vocal, piano and strings. Planned release winter 2014.

Works: Aurora/2001: Dance of the Auroras- Fire in the Sky (The Sun/Vrtual Sun, Solar Wind towards Magnetosphere; Magnetic Storm Seen from Above; View from the Earth) (2001-2003)

More Information: http://www.sevag.com/