Konstantin Grouss

Thresholds Crossed:
Konstantin Grouss (dancer) is the founder, choreographer, and principal dancer of Russia’s Theatre ZERO, a dance company established in 2001 in Moscow. He has created an abundance of original dances and tours frequently in Europe spending notable time in Scandinavia, Estonia, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Stockholm, Vienna. Konstantin’s work has been presented through the State Theatre of Nations, the Moscow Meyerhold Theatre Center and the Moscow Conservatorie among many additional festivals and performances in Russia and Europe. From 1997 to 2000 Konstantin studied in the “Class of expressive body movement” by Gennady Abramov, opened in the “School of Dramatic Art” by Anatoly Vasiliev in 1991. For several years he has studied and performed with international artists teaching as part of the distinguished TSEH Summer Dance School in Moscow: Maida Withers improvisation work-shop (USA), Jill Clark release technique (UK), Serge Ricci contemporary dance (USA), Hillary Bryan body mind centering, and Laban dance technique (USA).

Konstantin is the founder and director for Art-Residence in Moscow, Russia.  http://art-residence.ru/