Francois Perez

Visual Elements:
Stone Ring (1995)
Stone Circle (1995)

“I am an autodictat, multi media artist, inspired by places, people, ideas that I encounter along my travels and long stays in different countries. Although I started with photography, my work moved quickly to 3D works, installation exhibiton of my photos and interactive shows.

My work as well as being inspired by the place I live in, is also to a great extend conditionned by my environement, the availbility of space, materials and personal finances which differ in each environement….

Instead of considering those elements as restricting, I see them as part of the work process and often the limitations become the inspiration. I am happy to work with different media, and explore new ideas and ways to express myself in the new context.

My work include pastels drawings, found material, natural indigo, oil and acrylic etc….

I particularly enjoy inter-active installations , where I set the frame work of the exhibition but the whole concept is realised with the participation of the viewers. I also found that people enjoyed it and were keen to express themselves and be given a space to do so .

I hope this site gives you an idea of the work. You can watch the videos below and go the gallery where you will see different categories of work in the albums.

All the best and thank you taking time to look at the site. Hope you have some fun with it.