This Space Occupied (by Maida)

Original Performance on September 15, 2012 at Corcoran Gallery of Art - Elevated Entranceway, Washington, DC

See the 4:14 minute of excerpts from the 5-hour event.  For 35:45 min  of excerpts visit:

2013 – This Space Occupied (by Maida) was a 5-hour endurance event performed by Maida Withers, dancer/performance artist, with Steve Hilmy, electronic composer-musician.  Maida performed in the elevated glass entrance way to the Corcoran Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.

The performance, featuring notions of the Occupy Movement, was commissioned by the Washington Project for the Arts and the Corcoran Gallery of Art as part of Take It to the Bridge Series. Audience members could ask Maida questions via a public microphone available in the lobby. Maida would/could choose to carry on a dialogue then on global issues related to “occupy.”

Maida Withers

What the press is saying

Maida Withers, Washington, DC, performer, choreographer, and filmmaker, working with composer Steve Hilmy, reveals the precariousness of life in the glass cage in a 5-hour stream of consciousness event inspired by notions of the Occupy Movement. Washington Project for the Arts & Corcoran Gallery of Art

Artists and Collaborators
Choreographer / Solo Performer
Composer / Electronic Musician
Video / Camera
Corcoran GAllery of Art Curator
Barents Spektakle Curator
Other Performances
  • Barents SPEKTAKEL(map) on February 8, 2013
  • Museum of Image and Sound(map) on March 23, 2013