Amazing EarthFEST (Kanab, Utah)

2007 to present – Maida has served on the Board of Directors of the Amazing EarthFEST since 2007.   The Dance Construction Company has performed on two occasions at the EarthFEST in the historic theatre in Kanab, Utah.  EarthFEST is a unique festival for its celebration of the magnificent Earth sites within day travel from Kanab.  EarthFEST is in partnership with the City of Kanab, Maida’s birthplace, the Bureau of Land Management and other organizations and corporations in the region.

William and Woodruff, Maida’s father and grandfather, were instrumental in establishing early tourism in Kanab through the building and management of the  Kaibab Lodge built 18 miles from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the late 1920s.  The Kiabab Lodge continues to attract tourists on their way to the Canyon. Motto: “where the deer come to see the people.”



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