TOUCH 2004 Festival
12 – 16 July, Arkhangelsk, Russia

International Festival of Contemporary Dance Performances:

“Thresholds Crossed” – Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Washington, DC
Accents – Break dance group TOP9 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Kannon Dance Company (St. Petersburg, Russia)
“Identification of Movement” Other Dance Theatre (Arkhangelsk, Russia)
“Machine a sons” Drift Company (Zurich, Switzerland)
Improv performances – Susanna Nurminen (Rovaniemi/Finland)
Improv performances – Sini Haapalinna (Joensuu/Finland)
Improv performances – Pia Lindy (Joensuu/Finland)

Yoga – Susanna Nurminen (Rovaniemi, Finland)
Jazz – Anna Oserskaya / Kannon Dance Company (St. Petersburg)
Funky – Burakov Dmitry/Kannon Dance Company (St. Petersburg)
Modern – Krukova Julya/Kannon Dance Company (St. Petersburg)

TOUCH: Non profit organization was created on 28.06.2002 with the purpose of development of contemporary dance and performance art (modern, postmodern, new and creative dance, improvisation, contact improvisation, dance theatre, physical theatre, etc.) in Arkhangelsk. GOALS: Information help choreographers, teachers of dance , art directors of dance schools and groups, dancers in Arkhangelsk, Workshops, festivals, dance events and actions, international projects and tours