Time Dance: Found Audience – Found Space

Original Performance on July 12, 1977

1977 – The third version of Time Dance was an adaptation of dancers performing the choreography of the stage work, Time Dance, on the steep steps leading down to the Potomac River behind the Lincoln Memorial.  The performance occurred during rush hour when many drivers would pass by the site or stop for a light. We performed in costume.   It was common for MWDCCo to present unannounced events in various locations in the city.  One Sunday MWDCCo performed in as many fountains as could be locate in the city during a 3-hour period – FOUND AUDIENCE IN FOUND SPACES.   Of course the artists tried not to be arrested for such activities.

Original Choreography:
Each Company member had a solo they created with group accompaniment added.

Original Costumes:
Costumes by John Bailey featured tie-dyed layers of costumes in shades of sky blue and water green.  Each dancer had a leotard, cotton shorts and a T-shirt, long cotton tie pants, or a skirt.  Clothes were de-accumulated down to the leotard during the dance.

Hand Chapel, Washington, DC.  March 26, 27, 28, 1976

Second performance:
Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre (1984) Music for Minature Objects, John Driscoll.

Third performance:
Steps by the Lincoln Memorial looking down over the Potomac River during rush hour. The National Symphony Orchestra also performed for the public at this location on a float in the river during the summer.

Artists and Collaborators
Dancers / Collaborators