Thresholds Crossed_TsEKh Residence, Part I

Thresholds Crossed – Part I, Moscow – work in progress. (2005) TsEKh International Summer School Residency to create and present Part I with 5 Russian and 6 American dancers, Moscow, Russia (July 4-24, 2005)  Elena Tupsevya was instrumental in our holding national auditons for the project in Moscow during summer school.  Artists from all over Russia auditioned.  This cast continued through the tour in the USA and the tour in Russia to 3 cities.  (See Thresholds Crossed for specific names, etc).

DSC01634GrpPushsm copy DSC01644nest copy DSC01652Danarab DSC01656twoleanduets copy DSC01665JenKatiasit copy DSC01661Anastarms DSC01688knees DSC01694grpfront DSC01708armsstretchsm_copy DSC01737CostyaMeg2 DSC01784portrait copy DSC01792dinner DSC01793grpoutside copy DSC016424some DSC017243duets copy DSC017243duets DSC01784portrait DSC01648arabesque copy