Performatica: Tres-Dias-en-Cholula


2009 Performatica – Tres Dias en Cholula.  Film  (30:00) by Linda Lewett, completed in 2021.

Film by Linda Lewett; Producer Maida Withers and Maida Withers Dance Construction Company.

Performatica occurred in 2009; video was completed in 2021 by Linda Lewett

Artists Maida Withers, Choreographer/Dancer; Ayo Okunseinde, Multi-Media artist; Steve Hilmy, Composer/Musician presented Fare Well  and Maida Withers and Steve Hilmy created a new site work with 18 internaional dancers during the 3ro Foro Internacional De Danza Contemporanea Artes de Nivunuebti founded in 2006 by Ray Schwartz and Myra Morales at the Universidad de las Americas UDLAP, Puebla, Mexico residency program.

Maida Withers and the Dance Construction Company credited with Producing Performatica.

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Performance on stage at Performatics:  Fare Well- To the End of the World As We Know It Or Dancing Your Way to Paradise|  (15:35 to ?)

New Site work (cannot remember the title) created for Festival (23:14 to 27:25 on film)

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