Passage Nine (Early Works)


Carole Drake and Michael Kasper
1973- Passage Nine; Choreography:  Withers with 9 GW Master of Arts and BA dancers doing 9 phrases to music for nine horns by Riegger and Davies; Premiere: Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC (Brook Andrews;  John Bailey; Carole Drake; Michael Kasper; Liz Lerman;  Quincy Northrup; Lynda Spikell; Betty Tittsworth;  Emily Waddams; ; Bill Hollingsworth; Music:  Davies / Riegger ;  Premiere, Lisner Auditorium.  (Notes for the choreography are in MWDCCo files.)scan0008JoAnnCaroleSideLeanbmp scan0007BrookBettyJohnMaidabmp
Betty Tittsworth and Brook Andrews, foreward; John Bailey and JoAnn Sellars?, backgroundScan0001CarolMikeBirdbmp CaroleMichelSitTIF
Michael Kasper and Carole Drake
000 Scan4.Carole Drake and JoAnn Sellars