Nose to cement and other falling tales told on the way down, GW dancers

Original Performance on April 24, 1998

*Please reference Pitfalls…nose to cement and fall tales told on the way down  (trio by members of Maida Withers Dance Construction Company)

GW Dancers:  The original performance was done by thirteen GW dancers. Stories about falling down were recorded by members of the cast and other international and national artists invited to be recorded describing a personal incident of “falling down” and played during the performance as the sound score.

The idea came for this dance when Maida, rushing out the front door of her house without tying her long shoe laces, crashed head first to the cement porch with her nose to cement with her shoe laces still stuck in the door when she slammed it shut in her rush to work.

Falling story contributors in the opening performance were: Ann Carlson, Andrea Cheatham, Dena Hawes, Rory Hiber, Alex Kalkines, Michael Laurino, Gilbert Nash, Vinu Vinayak Pillai, Jessica Phillips, Sarah Reis, Lily Ross, Sarah Slifer, Tish carter and Sidwell Friends 7th graders, Haruna Shiratori, Antoinetta Vicario, Kerry Washington, Wu Wenguang (China).