Naked Truth – Tzveta Solo With Film Installation

2012 – Tzveta Kassabova performs with Film Installation of Tzveta dancing her solo from Naked Truth as part of Involuntary Encounters Event in Dorothy Betts Marvin Center: An evening of dance by dance artists, friends and former dancers with MWDCCo.

2012 – Tzveta Kassabovam member of Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, performed a solo from the stage work, Naked Truth, choreographed by Maida Withers. The films presented side by side on stage are part of Maida Withers Dance Portraits on Screen Series: TZVETA I (Edited by Anthony Gongora) and TZVETA II (Edited by Ayo Okunseinde).  based pm the stage performance. Original music composed and performed live by electronic musician/composer, Steve Hilmy.  Naked Truth is a trio created by Maida Withers.  The solo for Tzveta Kassabova became part of Withers’ Dance Portraits on Screen where the essence of the dancer (style, physicality, emotion) is the subject for dance.  The TZVETA films further explore aspects of the performing artist as subject.

Naked Truth is a trio created by Maida Withers with the Dance Construction Company.  Video documentation presented here as part of the  IN VOLUNTARY ENCOUNTERS event at  Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre, May 5, 2012, Washington, DC  Video documentation of the performance was by Sarah Snyder.