MWDCCo 1974 – 2006

Video excerpts of select dances from Maida Withers Dance Construction Company archives.  Concept/Choreography by Maida Withers with dancers.  Video currently on display on opening page.  Assembled for the Maida Withers: A Choreographer’s Life, Exhibition in the Dimock Gallery.”

Excerpts – Maida Withers Dance Construction Company select dance excerpts, 1974 to 2006, Choreography by Maida Withers with dancers:
Put on the Music Let’s Dance
Yesterday’s Garlands and Yesterday’s Kisses
Improvisation Event, WPA
White Mansions, WPA
White Mansions, Holy Rood Cemetery
Poetry and Dance
Iwo Jima Monument
Sunday Maneuvers
Time Dance
Catching Butterflies and Other Things That Move
Women See
Families Are Forever
Obsession: America’s Obsession with Sex
Rolling Thunder
Laser Dance
State of the Art
Winds of Sand
Sands Cycles
Utah/Spirit Place/Spirit/Tukuhnikivatz
Dance of the Auroras-Fire in the Sky
Thresholds Crossed
Brook Andrews, John Bailey, JoAnn Sellars, Betty Tittsworth, Maida Withers
John Driscoll, Music
Steve Bloom, Music
Chasen Gaver, Poet
Steve Bates, Music
John Bailey, Costumes
Lloyd McNeil & Terry Plumeri, Music
John Driscoll & Phil Edelstein
Joe Clark, Music
Dennis Deloria, Photo Montage
Michael Willis and Nuvieux Ensemble
Hilda Thorpe, Visual Installation
Shaman, Music
Rockne Krebs, Laser Installation
Bob Boilen, Music
William Christie, Music
Paul Caffrey, Video
Alex Caldiero, Music
Verabel Call Cluff, Video
Brent Michael Davids, Blue Butterfly Group
Will Goins Moreau, Music
Oystein Sevag, Global House Band
Tania Fraga, Virtual Art
Steve Hilmy, Music
Audrey Chen, Music
Linda Lewett, Film