Maida Withers: A Choreographer’s Life

Original Performance on April 13, 2006

April 13 – April 21, 2006 – An exhibition at the Dimock Gallery in Washington, DC – a retrospective of photographs, video, and costumes that celebrates 35 years of innovative works by Washington’s noted groundbreaking dancer and choreographer, Maida Withers.

A Choreographer’s Life showcases Maida Withers and her history as artistic director of the Dance Construction Company along with local and international collaborators and her role as a Professor, George Washington University. The exhibition celebrates work created over thirty-five years when Withers began to perform and choreograph in the mid-1960s in the nation’s capital. Her work parallels the development of the arts in Washington, D.C. The exhibition culminates with displays of propaganda art and other items related to the process involved in the creation of her latest work, Thresholds Crossed, premiered April 21, 2006 in GW’s Lisner Auditorium, 8:00pm.

Thresholds Crossed fearlessly explores the events, ideology, and humanistic issues that link the U.S. with Russia. This international collaboration of U.S. and Russian dancers combines original music and new technology to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the D.C. based Dance Construction Company.

See in Archives:  MWDCCo 1997-2006
Video excerpts of dances from Maida Withers Dance Construction Company archives.
Video currently on display on opening page.  Assembled for the Maida Withers: A Choreographer’ Life, Exhibition in the Dimock Gallery.”

Artists and Collaborators
Director, Museum Studies Program
Director and Chief Curator, Luther W. Brady Art Gallery