Maida on Maida in the Universe – Visual Installation

Original Performance on February 14, 2003

2003 – Video history, selection of segments of choreography by Maida Withers that were projected on stage as a visual installation during the live performance of Maida on Maida in the Universe.  In essence Maida compares her creative process with the theories of the origin and demise of the Universe.  Maida spoke about her work and inside view of the work and how it came into existence.  This talking/dancing was done onstage while in context with documentary videos of previous choreography.

Of special interest was the use of the computer “live” on stage where the thoughts about science, the universe, dance and creative process of the artists were being typed and simultaneously projected into the stage space, erased, and restated/retyped often making completely different sense as new words/thoughts are added to the sentences (science related). Keeping this spontaneous was a choice rather than a known text being repeated for each performance.

Withers likes the “live” aspect of performing and so there is always an opportunity for all artists on stage to act spontaneously during the event.

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