Interview – Dance and Technology

Original Performance on February 14, 2003

2003 – Stacy Palatt, GW Master of Arts in Dance, interviews Maida on the role technology has played in Maida’s work as an artist and collaborator and Maida’s views on the possibilities of dance and technology. Maida was one of the earliest choreographers to engage with technology. Maida insists her first serious work with technology is when she wrote  the music for French Horn and had it recorded on the “blue” 5″ DISC for a solo dance she created and performed as an undergraduate at Brigham Young University where she was studying dance and theatre. Maida questions “why” she didn’t have the French Horn played live. Live music, created for the works, is a hallmark of Maida’s career.

Several dance works are covered in the lengthy interview:
Laser (1982)
Families Are Forever (1982)
Turf (1982)
Stall (1981)
Laser Dance (Duet) (1971/72)
Phase Tracing (1979)
White Mansions (1975)
Dance of Auroras – Fire in the Sky (2001)
3-D Dance (2002)
Maida on Maida in the Universe (2003)
Hekuras – Spirits of the Rainforest (2002) (2010)



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