Gloucester New Arts Festival

Gloucester New Arts Festival (2005-2009) that specialized in site-specific art and theatre performances founded by Sarah Slifer, GW Dance Alumni, in Gloucester, MA – city on the sea outside of Boston.  Maida performed a solo, “Rage” in the theatre; and perform the duet, “ICE ” with Vincent Cacalano in the refrigerator/storage room for large blocks of ice used by fishermen on their boats. For “ICE” audience members generally stayed less than 20 minutes in the ICE HOUSE due to the frigid temperature.  Sarah, founder of the New Arts Festival, is a brilliant artist and educator. She performed and toured with MWDCCo internationally in Brazil and Korea.

For the ICE performance, Maida held in her raised hand the tiny open umbrella that often comes with a drink at the bar.  The object was so tiny and so delicate…..a rescue.

RAGEMaida Floor Rage4. MRW Mirror4. MRWhandsonwall.

Artists and Collaborators
Choreographer and Dancer
Collaborator and Improvisation Partner