Families Are Forever Part III: Veiled Threat

Original Performance on April 26, 2012

2012 – Veiled Threat is the name given to Part III of Families are Forever.  Veiled threat reveals the delicacy of the relationships in families. The familiarity of family members gives the members power based on the intimate knowledge they have about each other.  A dancer makes a threatening gesture when touching another dancer and then removes that violence and turns it into love or compassion. No movement is repeated in Part III, Veiled Threat. The genealogy of Woodruff Rust and that of Isabelle Martina Luke, Maida Withers parents, is played as a sound score. The male genealogy is spoken in strong clear tones while the female genealogy is whispered. Each name is given a birth date and location, one significant incident in his/her life, and the circumstances of death.

The original cast is presented here in rehearsal as well as a reconstruction by GW dancers in 2012 that was performed in Washington, DC as well. The lighting made it difficult to document the work for showing.

1982 – Original quartet rehearsal: https://vimeo.com/35583218

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