Dance of the Auroras – Virtual Virgins, Le Sol, Shaman

Original Performance on October 1, 2000

2000 – Maida Withers Dance Construction Company was honored to be invited to perform as part of the Dance Place 20/20 Visions Anniversary Concert celebrating 20 years of sponsoring and presenting dance.  In the year 2000, Dance of the Auroras was just being created for the premiere in 2001. This video, edited by Linda Lewett, features excerpts from three work-in-progress segments:

Virtual Virgins: a trio by Lyndsey Karr, Lauren Sharp, and Jane Jerardi based on the myth that the Auroras are virgins dancing in the night sky (Virtual Innocence);

Le Sol:  a solo by Joseph Mills that was never included with this specific choreography in the 2001 stage work;

Shaman: a solo by Maida Withers that also did not appear with this choreography in the 2001 version of Dance of the Auroras – Fire in the Sky that premiered at Lisner Auditorium.  Music  by J. L. Adams, Frifot, Kurki-Suonio on this video was not part of the final Aurora 2001. (2:10 minutes)

“20/20 Vision: Dance Place”

Artists and Collaborators
Concept / Choreographer / Dancer
Virtual Virgin Dancers
"Sol" Dancer
Videographer / Filmmaker
Music by J. L. Adams; Frifot; Kurki-Suonio