Dance, Dance, Dance TV Series, NBC

Original Performance on September 1, 1978

1978  Dance, Dance, Dance was a ten-part series about professions in dance, 30-minutes each program, produced by Sandra Butler and narrated by Maida Withers, consultant.  The series was shown in Chicago, Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, DC.

Each weekly show featured a different topic with specialists participating in the TV program.  Programs included the fields of management and dance, dance therapy, choreography and dancers, teaching, dance as exercise, etc.

Sandra Butler took the original taped copies to her home when she left employment at NBC-TV (channel 4) in Washington, DC.  A fire in her home destroyed all of her records include this series.

At the time of this show, these professions were newly developing fields for employment in dance.

Artists and Collaborators
Producer of Series
Narrator and Topic Consultant