Brazil_Eco ’92_Sugarloaf Mountain Site Work

1992_Maida Withers was invited by Marilyn Wood, international Celebration organization, to participate with “100  International Artists for Ecology” at the United Nation’s first global Earth Summit, Eco ’92 in Rio de Janeiro. A partnering group was the leadership of the Yanomami Brazilian tribal people in Brazil.  The group of 100 artists first went to Brasilia , close to one month, to petition Brazilian legislators and to work in public schools on environment projects that were shown on the “mall” in Brasilia. Marilyn was an amazing creative artist/dancer/innovator who did this project without funding.  However, she did have support of the City of Rio de Janeiro who supported a concert stage on the beach where we presented Rolling Thunder with American and Brazilian dancers.  Also supportive were organizations such as the Museum of Modern Art where Maida created and presented the site work in the Rock Garden at dusk.  An event supported by Regina Miranda, performance curator at the Museum.  One important event was a performance on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Maida and friends such as Gloria McLean produced several events together on the mountain. MWDCCo Dancers: Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Stacy Palatt, Janine Ploetz,. Marilia, extreme vocals, was there on some events.