Ascenso – Buenos Aries, Argentina

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2014 Maida was in Argentina showing dance films in a university seminar. She became acquainted with a musician, dancer, filmmaker, Maximiliano Wille, and became involved with an art and technology event between two universities in Argentina.

Maxi invited Maida to do a moving interview with Arceli Marquez, dancer with A.Mov.Er Company ( in the Objeto-a  Gallery (Lujan Oulton). Raw footage of the interview/dance is available at (unedited, raw footage).

Ascenso:  Arceli and Maida continued to improvise in silence in the gallery up the stairs and eventually on the second floor.  The gallery was newly created by Lujan Oulton ( We were video taped by Maxi and other filmmakers/dancers at that time.  Ascenso is a video short of the duet improvisation.

Maxi is a specialist in the Isadora computer program for creating dance. He is such a fine , talented, and beautiful person.  I am so grateful to Maxi for his generosity and kindness to me.

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