Brazil – Institute of Mathematics and Art (São Paulo, Brazil)

São Paulo, Brazil (February 2014)
Research and creative residency with the Institute of Mathematics and Art (Instituto de Matematica e Arte) in Sao Paulo, Brazil, February 14 to 23, 2014.

‘MindFluctuations’, an innovative project co-autored by Maida Withers and Tania Fraga, is made possible by recent neuroscience research and a virtual interface that allows experimental and interactive artwork to emerge from the visualization resulting from the dancers’ emotive and expressive states with the computer. Through this project the audience will experience how the fluctuations of a human mind affect automated machine processes, something inconceivable in the recent past.  Emotiv Neuro Headset (

Participants: Maida Withers, choreographer; Tania Fraga, computer artist); Donizetti Louro, mathematician, President of IMA;  Mario Pichiliani, software engineer, Pedro Garcia, Java programmer – associates of the Institute of Mathematics and Art of São Paulo, Brazil.