DC 9th Int’l Improvisation Plus+ Festival

2003 (December 5 to 14) – Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance and Department of Music , and Joy of Motion, Borders Books at Friendship Heights present this popular festival which brings together groups and dancers, performance artists and musicians from around the world to perform and teach workshops.

Sphota Probe by Alex Caldiero, performance poet, and Maida Withers and Katia Chupashko, dancers, in Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre. Other performances in MCT include Washington Free Collaboration group, Tonya Lockyer from Canada; Eszter Gal and Istvan Grensco from Hungary, Cyrus Khambatta, Sean Ryan, K.T. Niehodd, Phffft! Company from Seattle, and Jennifer Nugent and Paul Matteson from NYC.

Act (Re) act directed by Daniel Burkholder/the Playground; Sharon Mansur/Impact Performance; Cathy Paine, Beth Davis, Jane Jerardi, Tom Bickley, David Maddox, Toshi Makihara, Jonathan Matis, Brian Buck, JOM Improvisaton Group (DC) Megan Floor (Minneapolis) – Joy of Motion Dance Center Friendship Heights

Redline Revisited by Jessica Hirst and Stephen Clapp/ Cat Scratch Theatre perform at Union Station Metro and travel to Friendship Heights;

Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group and Malcolm X drummers perform at Borders Books at Friendship Heights, DC.