#16.ART: International Meeting of Art & Technology

#16.ART: Enconro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia
(International Meeting of Art & Technology)
Maida Withers, Choreographer/Dancer, USA
Tania Fraga, 3D Computer Artist, Brazil
Poetic considerations: dance spectacle exploring neural connections
Porto, Portugal
October 2, 2017
Maida Withers, Choreographer and Dancer

International Conference: Artis intelligentia: “IMAGINING THE REAL” seeks to  analyse concepts, such as: territory and culture; materiality and immateriality; thought and action.  To confront them with the new notions derived from contemporary thought – from computational means, from collaborative, shared / co-authoring, from interactor / user, system,
virtuality, articiality, simulation, interface, hyper-textuality, ubiquity, and interactivity – to articulate and update the discourses on the area of research and artistic production.

The #16.ART International Meeting of Art and Technology allows the creation of strategies and methodologies of presentation, registration and critical interdisciplinary analysis in a process of action and thought mapping, which allow the construction of a platform for discussion and consultation and an analysis critical and systematic of its multiple meanings. It also contributes to the creation of publics with the various simultaneous exhibitions and to the creation of a legacy of investigation, a deepening of the understanding of a territory that is inscribed beyond its physical limits in perpetual movement. A map, simultaneously, aesthetic, political, cultural and affective.
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