Rob Kitsos

Rob Kitsos is an acclaimed dancer, dance instructor, performing artist and choreographer who appeared with dance companies across the United States, Asia and Europe.  He has performed at international festivals in Lisbon, Barcelona, Paris, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Venezuela and Hong Kong. In addition to his own work as an independent choreographer and performer, Rob has been a member of over fifteen performing companies and artists covering a broad range of styles from mime to hip hop to ballet, including Doug Elkins Dance Company, Gina Gibney, Dance, Hillary Easton, Jannis Brenner, KT Niehoff, Colin Connor, Pat Graney, the Chamber Dance Company, Peter Bingham, Lin Snelling and the Berkshire Ballet.

As a choreographer, Rob has created over 100 original works, many of which include collaborations with artists from a range of disciplines. He has studied Mime at Ecole Jacques Lacoq in Paris and played drums in a rock band in popular clubs like CBGB’s in New York City as well as a tour through Spain in 2004 with the band Westport Sunrise Sessions based in New York City.  He continues to record and collaborate with the WWS.  Rob has composed and performed many of his own sound scores and video projections for his choreography. Most recently, Rob was commissioned by tanz&kunst productions in Baden Switzerland to co-create a full evening work with Brigitta Luisa Merki including flamenco, hip hop and contemporary dance artists.

Rob has received support from the Social Science and Research Council through Simon Fraser University, the BC Arts Council and Canada Council for a range of projects including Wake and Saudade. Rob was also awarded support from the Leisure and Cultural Council in Hong Kong in 2003 as well as the Donald E. Peterson Endowed Fellowship for Excellence at the University of Washington in 2001 and 2002.

In addition to choreographing and performing, Rob has been teaching dance in universities for twenty years. He was a Guest Artist at Virginia Commonwealth University in 1998, a full time faculty member of the University of Washington from 1998-2002. He then began a two-year Senior Lecturer position at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. In 2004, Rob joined the faculty of Simon Fraser University for which he is a Professor in the School for the Contemporary Arts.  He teaches contemporary dance, composition, repertory, dance aesthetics, improvisation in performance and interdisciplinary collaboration. Rob received his BA in Theatre/Dance from Bard College in 1990 and his MFA in Dance from the University of Washington in 1997.