Ludovic Jolivet

Filmmaker: Tuk (Tukuhnikivatz)

Ludovic Jolivet, a native of Paris, France, was first trained in physical theatre.  He has performed in and directed theatre performances in both Europe and America.  Jolivet has a BFA in dance and a MFA in choreography and has taught dance and theatre courses at universities.  He has created and directed dances both for film and stage presented at venues and dance festivals worldwide. He worked for 10 years with CityDance Ensemble as a choreographer, dancer, filmmaker, and senior manager of FilmWorks.  He has participated in four international 48-hour film festival projects, one of which won the Best Choreography award.  Jolivet recently traveled for two years to Paris, France, to collaborate with international choreographers on projects at the Centre National de la Danse, and to work in the French film industry, coaching actors in dance and choreographing for film.  He recently traveled to the Middle East to teach a Dance on Camera workshop during the Ramallah Dance Festival.  Jolivet edited the film TUK and assisted with technical aspects of DANCE:FILMS.