Dan Sternclar

Innovator with 3/d cameras
Generous filming of 3-D Dance / Future View
Daniel Sternklar is an entrepreneur, digital artist, videographer, animator, virtual set creator, director, producer, musician, composer, stereoscopic multimedia producer, software developer, & virtual reality pioneer with nearly three decades of experience. Mr. Daniel Sternklar owns companies involved in: · Photography ( http://www.clearstarphotography.com ); · Website community building, software development, R&D, web 2.0 technologies, data mining  (http://www.clearstarinternational.com); · Music publishing, ASCAP Publisher member ( http://www.clearstarpublications.com ); · Animation, video & film production/post-production, virtual set technologies, special effects, digital art, stereoscopic multimedia, talent scout ( http://www.view3d.tv ); · Web hosting with special client support (http://www.clearstarweb.net); · Acts as an technical and artistic advisor to many other ventures.

For over 28 years, Mr. Daniel Sternklar has impressed clients with the depth, breadth, creativity and quickness of response to their needs. This experience provides Daniel Sternklar the ability and background to choose the right tools for the job, the ability to work with teams of different disciplines, manage geographically dispersed personnel, communicate with the technical, artistic, and business oriented person, and to take your project to the next level.