Sphota Probe

Original Performance on December 5, 2003

2003 – Alex Caldiero performance poet  (Salt Lake City, Utah) performs live his poem, Sphota  Probe, with dancers  Maida Withers and Katia Chupashko.  Katia performs Thresholds Crossed SOLO (Katia Chupashko) using a vertical standing casket with light inside and a red interior while Maida Withers improvises around her and engages with a second reclining casket on stage.   This work was performed as part of the DC 9th Annual International Improvisation Plus+ Festival at the Dorothy Betts Marvin Theatre.  Alex Caldiero, sonosphere/poet, has written a truly amazing evening-length poem “Sphota Probe” that he performs on stage with the dancers.



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