Original Performance on September 4, 2014

Her is a 7:00 minute duet by Giselle Ruzany and Samantha Rosenfeld, Dance Construction Company dancers, that is based on virtual world #03 created by Tania Fraga, Sao Paulo, Brazil, that features a woman standing with her back to the audience surrounded by pink musical notes.  For Her, the 3d animation is not present but will be as this work is incorporated into MindFluctuations.  Music, A Hall is All,  is by John Driscoll.

What the press is saying

I was totally engaged with your new work Her last night. Giselle and Sammi performed it with power and clarity. I felt drawn to the power of their enigmatic relationship. We weren't sure what was going on and the mystery was compelling. I appreciated the fact that the dance was unadorned with simple light framing and enhancing. Congratulations. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. Nancy Havlik

Artists and Collaborators
Artistic Director - MWDCCo
Music - A Hall is All