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Damned River

"Wind is power, the grass, people When winds blow the grass bends" Damned River is dedicated to Mariko, dance colleague in Kyoto, Japan 1993 A multimedia stage work for fourteen dancers which explores the dynamics of fascism in ... more »

Dance Concert Improvisation (untitled) Performance (Untitled) Korea, China, USA

1999 - Jey Young Kim, Korea, Mandy Yim, China, Sarah Slifer and Maida Withers, USA improvised in concert performance November 15, 1999, for the KAC International Exchange Modern Dance Festival in Taejon, Korea Classical Korean musicians participated in ... more »

Dance Construction Company Select Dances 1974 - 2006

Groundbreaking vision of Maida Withers Dance Construction Company - excerpts of innovative, sometimes outrageous dance, performance art works, and films, 1974 to 2006 Maida Withers as rebel and instigator becomes clear as the breadth and depth of her work is ... more »

Dance In - Art Museum of the Americas

"Dance In" at the Art Museum of the Americas and Garden of the Organization of American States in conjunction with "Artistic Imaginings in Clay" exhibition, December 1, 2001, in Washington, DC International and national dance and music artists perform improvisation for ... more »

Dance for the Earth

1992 - Dance for the Earth was a title given to an evening-length performance that included the following dances related to Maida's Earth consciousness projects: Sky Cloud (1992) Prologue - Cowboys and Indian Play (1991) Messenger Eagle (1992) Still Rush (1991) Rolling Thunder "Transformation" (1992) Dance ... more »

Dance for the Earth Spirit Figures

Original Performance on February 7, 1992 Combining a tree limb with discarded materials deemed probably dangerous for the Earth environment, spirit figures were created to engage in a ritual of a community of dancers The tree limbs were obtained in ... more »

Dance of Auroras - Fire in the Sky (Excerpts 5:00)

5:00 minute excerpt of an interactive evening-length performance conceived of by Maida Withers that features dance, cyber worlds, ensemble "live" music Dancers using the wireless mouse manipulate in real time computer art combined with images of the SUN from ... more »

Dance of Auroras - Fire in the Sky (excerpts from live performance documentary video) (5:18 min)

Excerpts Dance of the Auroras - Fire in the Sky in rehearsal and performance, Lisner Auditorium, Washington, DC 2001 Concept and director, Maida Withers; Real-time Interactive visual installation (combination of NASA satellite images of the Sun and computer art) , ... more »

Dance of the Auroras - Fire in the Sky (DOCUMENTARY FILM) (28:30)

Maida Withers, Artistic Director of The Dance Construction Company presents this documentary film of dance, music, and cyber art Producer, Writer, Director, Narrator: Maida Withers Editor: Nikodimos Fikru Camera, Studio Interviews: Nikodimus Fikru Camera, Documentary FootagE: Maida Withers, Linda Lewett Interviews: Nicola Fox, Tania Fraga, ... more »

Dance of the Auroras - Fire in the Sky (Excerpts 16:30)

Excerpts (16:30) from an interactive evening-length performance conceived of by Maida Withers that features dance, cyber worlds, ensemble "live" music Dancers using the wireless mouse manipulate in real time computer art combined with images of the SUN from NASA ... more »

Dance of the Auroras_Dance Place (Early work-in-progress, 2000)

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company was honored to be invited to perform as part of the Dance Place 20/20 Visions Anniversary Concert celebrating 20 years of sponsoring and presenting dance In the year 2000, Dance of the Auroras was ... more »

Earth Spirit Rising

An evening of dance consisting of four dance works related to the relationship of man to the Earth: In Earth's BellyDeep an emergence myth; Moving Earth / Dunes first light of day (1988, Ledge); Mountain Birthing a metaphor, a ... more »

Electronic Bodies

Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, Anthony Gongora, Giselle Ruzany, Maida Withers and guest, Felipe Oyarzun (Chile) are joined by experimental composers/musicians, John Driscoll, New York, and Steve Hilmy, Washington, DC, to present Electronic Bodies, a FREE improvisation performance - discussion ... more »

Evening of Poetry and Dance II

1978 - Baby It's About Time! an absurd and outrageous social commentary event performed by dancers with Washington, DC's most controversial performance poet (maybe first RAP artist), Chasen Gaver Chasen Gaver performed live his own poems sometimes using ... more »

Faces of the Fallen

World War II Memorial Site Event created by Maida Withers with six dancers from The George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance, Washington, DC Faces of The Fallen A Moving Tribute National World War II Memorial & Lincoln Memorial Washington, DC Maida Withers Script Concept ... more »

Families Are Forever

1981 - Families Are Forever is a four-part multimedia narrative presented at the Renwick Gallery of Art and the Division of Performing Arts, Smithsonian during the Memorial Day weekend May 28 and 29, 1981 as a tribute to families remembered ... more »

Families Are Forever: Veiled Threat, Performance Documentary

Veiled Threat is a reconstruction of an eight-minute excerpt from Maida Withers eloquent evening-length work, Families Are Forever (1981) Costumes are by Judith Hansen The sound score is original text derived from the genealogy lines of Woodruff Rust ... more »

FareWell (TRAILER) (1:11)

Excerpts from FareWell - The End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! Maida Withers - Dancer and Choreographer Steve Hilmy - Electronic Composer and Musician Ayo Okunseinde - New Media Artist Fare Well is as extreme ... more »

FareWell - Maida Withers Comments

FareWell - To the End of the World As We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise! was presented in Puebla, Mexico in 2009 at Performatica During our residency Linda Lewett interviewed Maida Withers, choreography/dancer, Steve Hilmy, composer/musician, and ... more »

Fare Well - The End of the World as We Know It OR Dancing Your Way to Paradise DOCUMENTARY PERFORMANCE (38:58)

"Fare Well is a modern Greek-style tragedy, delivered by a warrior goddess" Ballet-Dance Magazine, Carmel Morgan Fare Well - an evening-length performance by pioneering choreographer Maida Withers, Steve Hilmy, electronic musician/composer, and Ayo Okunseinde, new media artist Fare Well brings ... more »

FareWell: Comments by choreographer Maida Withers (6:59)

Maida Withers shares the process of creation of Fare Well, as a project, in collaboration with the composer, Steve Hilmy, new media artist, Ayo Okunseinde, poets, David McAleavey and Alex Caldiero and dancers in the USA and Kenya, Africa ... more »

FareWell: Comments by visual artist Ayo Okunseinde (5:27)

Ayodamola Okunseinde, new media artist, shares his views about art and the Fare Well project Video excerpts of his images are featured along with those of composer, Steve Hilmy, and choreographer Maida Withers This interview was shot on location in Cholula, ... more »

FareWell: Comments on electronic music by Steve Hilmy

Steve Hilmy, electronic composer and musician, shares his views about virtual music and the Fare Well project while assembling his instruments for a rehearsal with Maida Withers, dancer, in Puebla, Mexico for Performatica, a national and international dance festival The performance ... more »

FareWell: Rising Tide PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTARY (12:13)

Choreographer - Maida Withers Dancers - Eva Dornstreich, Alex Lang, Brooke Miller, Lydia Mokdessi, Christine Moloney, Kristin Pepin Costume Concept - Maida Withers Costume Design - Karen Cerkez Light Design - John Neiderhouser Set Design - Anthony Gongora Audio Design – Marc Friend Rising Tide, a dance ... more »

FareWell: Tipping Point

Part of the FareWell Dance Series: Performance at the Nikolais Centennial Celebration Concert, NYC, NY December 4, 2010

FareWell: Tipping Point DOCUMENTARY PERFORMANCE (15:00)

Choreographer - Maida Withers Dancer - Jadee Mitchell Music composition/performance - Steve Hilmy New Media - Ayo Okunseinde Costume Concept - Maida Withers Tipping Point, part of the Fare Well project, is a solo originally created by Maida Withers, choreographer, for Jadee Mitchell, that explores ... more »

FareWell: Uncertain World - PERFORMANCE DOCUMENTARY (27:15)

The improvisation performance, Uncertain World, was the first investigation event related to the Fare Well project Movement and music ideas that spontaneously occurred during this performance were carried forward into future explorations in creating dances for the Fare Well ... more »

FareWell In Africa: Parched Earth - Remembrances from Tomorrow DOCUMENTARY PERFORMANCE (24:33)

Choreographer/Director – Maida Withers (USA) Dancers/Collaborators: Neema Bagamunhanda, Rebecca Gatu, Joseph Kanyenjo, Michael Muritha, Evans Ng’ang’a, Kepha Oiro, Juliette Omalo, Mark Onhango (Kenya) Composition/Music – Steve Hilmy (USA) New Media – Ayodamola Okunseinde (USA) Light Design – John Njoroge (Kenya) Producer: GoDown Center ... more »

Fascination (Improvisation in Concert) JeYoung Kim and Maida Withers

1994 -JeYoung Kim and Maida Withers improvise in concert in Washington, DC to a poem Fascination, by Young Tai Kim, Korea, that "expresses our inner feelings-sometimes kin and on other occasions, cruel As in life we ... more »

Fascination - Improvisation in Concert

Je Young Kim and Maida Withers improvise in concert, Dance of Maida Withers and Je Young Kim, based on a poem by Young Tai Kim, Korea, that "expresses our inner feelings-sometimes kin and on other occasions, cruel As ... more »

Freedom of Information

Excerpts of a 24-hour Endurance Event by Maida Withers in Washington, DC In response to the ongoing US military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq Miguel Gutierrez invited artists across the country to participate in freedom of information 2008 The directives were ... more »

From Movement to Dance, People, Creatures, Things (1967)

1976 - Maida created this 16mm film as part of her educational engagement with dance for children Maida was an active participant in the inauguration of the USA national Artist-in-Schools initiative that brought artists into public schools for curriculum ... more »

Hekuras - Spirits of the Rainforest (2002)

Multidimensional dance, computer art, new music based on the Amazon Rainforest - Spirits of the Rainforest Created in Sao Paulo, Brazil with Brazilian dancers ( Wilson Aguiar, Marines Calori Andrea Fraga, Beth Bastos, Suia Ferluto); computer art by Tania Fraga; ... more »

Hekuras - Spirits of the Rainforest (2010)

Hekuras - Spirits of the Rainforest was shortened from the 2002 version created with Brazilian dancers in Sao Paulo, Brazil and performed by dancers at The George Washington University Department of Theatre and Dance for the Spring 2010 DanceWorks concert ... more »

ICEBERGS: Fault Line by Maida Withers at Small Format Dance Festival in Yekaterinburg, Russia

ICEBERGS: Fault Line / Premiere, Solo Variation of GLACIAL DRIFT Choreographer / Performer: Maida Withers Composer / Musician: Steven C Hilmy Poet / Sonospher: Alex Caldiero

 Poet: David McAleavey Vocal/Reader: Svetlana Perevalova Small Format Contemporary Dance Festival Yekaterinburg History Museum Yekaterinburg, Russia August 26, 2016 Video ... more »


GLACIAL DRIFT premiere presents a cool evening in the National Building Museum's astonishing ICEBERGS INSTALLATION - an evening of Dance, Music, and Poetry in the Surreal Underwater-World of ICEBERGS Choreography by Maida Withers with Maida Withers Dance Construction Company; ... more »